Our work

Our team is passionate about what we do and we treat each job as a unique instance, catering to individual needs. We work in various formats to ensure personalization for each client, meeting both their immediate and future needs based on their internal setups and projects. We work on projects from conception to production, or join in at different stages.

Our services include project strategy, discoveries, persona-building, user journeys, flows and wireframes, user interface design, analytics research, personalization, and variant testing recommendations.

UX is an iterative process

User experience is typically not a one time service. While UX Alley can come in to make one time focused recommendations, its best to look at the process as iterative and ongoing in order to continuously collect data and enhance based on learnings.  While any given project may begin from a single idea, that idea is typically based on a new need or something that was learned from previous projects. We can look at that point as the conception of a project. 

Iteration Cycle and UX Alley’s role 

  • Discover - All new projects are born due to some sort of discovery phase and the need to do better. An analysis of current analytics, market and competitive research, user testing, etc. are all ways to discover new opportunities and invent new ideas.  This is the beginning of all projects. UX Alley takes an active role in discovering and recommending new projects to our clients. We continuously follow up on analytics and market trends to ensure our clients stay current and successful. 

  • Design - A design phase includes (but not limited to) user journey flows, wire-frames, prototypes, branding and user interface design. At UX Alley, we handle the design phase from beginning to end. Our UX experts draft all flows and ensure seamless experiences for all use cases which saves time later in the development phase. Our UX designers can work with existing brands and/or create new and exciting fresh interfaces. We can work with internal creative teams or act as an external arm based on individual needs. Our goal is to support, enrich and empower each company and employee we work with.

  • Develop - Our UX experts are always available to answer any questions during the development stage and we work closely with many development teams. Once pages are ready to test, our UX experts review all the work in various devices to ensure our work is polished prior to deployment. We often handle the reporting of any bugs and fixes and project manage the operations with the development teams to prioritize items based on timelines and needs.

  • Deploy - Go live day is always an exciting time, when the hard work is finally going to be visible to the world. UX Alley is here for the full ride. We follow up on traffic flows to ensure a smooth deployment and usage of all new features. 

  • Repeat…  the idea is never to stop improving. When a project goes live, it has success measures. We define a timeline and check in to ensure those success measures are met. We always go back to the drawing board and see how to improve, gain more traction and affect the bottom line. 


Work samples

Much of what we do is behind the scenes work and considering our job is to simplify complex processes, one would really need to understand the hurdles we went through on each job in order to fully appreciate it. We are happy to cater work samples based on request and schedule demos to fully illustrate our process and work.