designs for
the digital world


We design seamless solutions.

Whether B2C or B2B, internal or external, our team focuses on your user and their journey and brings forward digital experiences that are intuitive, beautiful and optimized across devices. Through human-centric design thinking methodology, we deliver creative solutions that resonate with your target audience while advancing your business objectives.  

Whether you are a small start up that has yet to form your concept or identity or a large known brand, we will evaluate what you already have in place and help you achieve your online goals. We have successfully executed hundreds of projects that vary in scale and complexity across Fortune 500’s, Startups, and Organizations from various industries (retail, pharmaceutical, insurance, financial services, social networking and more).


Our process

Discovery & strategy planning

Every successful project starts with a Discovery phase which defines the current state of a product, capture pain points, areas of enhancement and potential next steps. We’ll help your team gather all the information needed and define the next few phases of your product’s life cycle based on business needs and budget.

Information Architecture

The science of organizing and labeling content is our art. We handle large multi-level taxonomy structures and ensure people find what they are looking for. Through card sorting, competitive analytics and research, we ensure sound structures and flexibility for future product and tree growth.

High Fidelity Wireframes and flows

Our team specializes in ensuring all use cases are accounted for. We outline complex flows, think of every detail and turn every stone to make sure each use case has a solid solution. We create high fidelity wires indicating feature placement and behavior, and include detailed annotations for development teams to follow.

Creative Design

The interplay of colors, shapes and typography, combined with our Usability expertise, allows us to create powerful solutions that have proven to work. We can work with existing brand guidelines and push them to new horizons, or create your new brand based on your product, demographics, and voice in the market.

Project management

Redesign projects require strong management skills, bringing together personnel from various teams, often mixing external and internal forces. Our long history of resource management and deep understanding of all working parts, allows us to stay on point when it comes to meeting milestones while adhering to timelines.

Ongoing Continuous success

Our job does not end when your site goes live. This is only the beginning of our relationship. We thrive on your continued success and will monitor traffic and engagement. We’ll continue to make recommendations based on findings, competitor monitoring and market trends.

Optimized for Success

We plan, design, and develop seamless responsive experiences that increase conversion rates and overall traffic. We do a lot of legwork. From one-on-one conversations with your team members to our own investigation work of your target audience, current online flow and behavior, checking direct and indirect online competitors and a methodical review of your analytics.  Optimization means knowing what the user needs at any given moment, how much information he/she is able to absorb and what do they need as guidance cues for next steps and process completion. Our team specializes in simplification and phased knowledge processing. We don’t want our users to feel like they are walking in Times Square. We want them to feel like we are guiding them through it.   

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